I am Mary Okosun

Web Developer | Technical Writer

Personal Details

Email: okosunmaryeghonghon@gmail.com

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Nationality: Nigerian

I am result oriented and dedicated to creating user-friendly websites. I enjoy learning new concepts and I have written few technical articles. I write and blog about my experiences, short-comings and victories in my journey as a developer.

Technologies I am most familiar with includes Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, Git and JavaScript. However I am currently learning React and React-Native. When I am not coding, I am either seeing a Sci-Fi movie or reading a novel.

Mary Okosun

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Latest Blogs

What is random() in JavaScript?

In JavaScript, random() is a built-in method that is used to return a random number in the range 0 to 1 (0 inclusive and 1 exclusive).

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Building a Food Recipe Web App

In this article, we would create a functional application that allows individuals search for food recipes. To get these recipes, we have to make use of an external API.

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Sizings Using Px, Em And Rem

Understanding the concept behind the use of pixels, em and rem becomes clearer with usage and practice overtime. This article explains these concepts with examples and codepen links to these examples.

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